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Pig Roasts

Our flagship and most popular service.  Keep in mind that Saturdays sell out 6 months to a year in advance!

FAQ's and Menu


For your next special occasion, enjoy a pig roast catered by The Pig Kahuna at your location of choice.

Choose between Traditional Filipino (Lemongrass, garlic and onion rub on the inside) , Hawaiian Luau (brown sugar and pineapple rub)  and Southern Style (smoky mesquite rub) with specialized side dishes to compliment the roasted pig.


1. What kind of pig roaster do you use?
We have custom made, one-of-a-kind rotisserie pits called the “Oinkmaster". This is an open air rotisserie style
roaster which allows you to see the pig cooking while it's spinning.

2. How many people can you serve and what size should I order?
We have accommodated parties of 1,000 ppl +!!! Size is based upon the number of people. A pig will yield 1/3 pound
of meat per person. Therefore, a 100# pig for 100 ppl, 60 # pig for 60 ppl. etc..... Please note that we have a 60 person minimum.

3.What cooking method do you use?
We use a direct heat cooking style with only all natural charcoal that burns more steadily and evenly than
commercial brands.   It also produces less soot that can affect the flavor of the pig. NO PROPANE IS USED FOR
THE PIG EVER!!! This style of cooking also makes the skin nice and crispy. The chef's favorite part!

4. How long does it take to cook the pig?
We slow roast the pig for maximum flavor and tenderness.  With the Oinkmaster, a 100lb pig takes about 8 hours
to cook. For bigger pigs, an additional 30 minutes should be added for each 10lbs of pig.  

5. What kind of time commitment is there to put on a pig roast?

Day of the event: Between 12-24 hours are put in by our staff. This includes the following:
a. 1 hour hook up and loading of vehicles
b. Travel to the pig roast site
c. 1 hour of charcoal preparation and site set up
d. Pig roasting time
e. 1/2 hour carving time
f. 1 hour site clean up
g. Travel back to the home base

6.  Will you still do the pig roast when the weather is bad?
Absolutely! We are prepared to cook the pig no matter if it is raining or the temperature is below zero.
We have tents that are put up if needed to protect the pig roaster and pig crew.
We also have heaters to do winter events.

7.  What is the smallest pig roast that you will do?
The smallest number of people that it is feasible for us to prepare for is 60 people.  We will do parties
for fewer people, however,  we must charge for 60 people for the pig to make it financially viable for us. This is
because regardless of the number of people served, our time spent in prep, event staffing, and cleanup is
essentially the same.

8.  What equipment do you provide and what is the host responsible for?
The Pig Kahuna will provide all the equipment needed to roast the pig as well as the serving dishes and implements.
The host is responsible for providing all other equipment needed to accommodate their guests:
tables, chairs, plates, cutlery, tents, etc. This allows the host to customize the presentation of the
event to match their own style and price range. Client must also provide tables for the buffet.  An electrical outlet within 75' and a water hose that reaches the cooking site.  The cooking site must be relatively flat and be accesible by vehicle as we tow the roasters behind our vehicles.

7. How much does it cost?

Prices for 2024 - 2025

BASE price for the pig only: 60-99 people  - $16.00 per person
100-175 people  - $15.00 per person
175+  - Please inquire


SIDE DISH MENU - Prices are per person.

Salads and Slaws

  • Traditional Cole Slaw - $1.50

  • Caesar Slaw - Same slaw veggies but with Caesar dressing and croutons. -$1.50

  • Pacific Rim Slaw - Same veggies but with a rice wine vinegar dressing, toasted almonds and crunchy noodles. The chef's favorite! $1.75

  • Garden Salad - Spring mix with fresh seasonal veggies and your choice of dressing. $2

  • Caesar Salad - Romaine, Caesar Dressing, croutons, Parmesan cheese  - $2

  • Potato Salad - $1.75

  • Fruit Salad - Fresh seasonal fruit (typically melon, grapes, strawberries and/or blueberries) - $2.00

  • Tropical Fruit Salad - Fresh Seasonal and Tropical fruits mixed with sweet coconut -$2.25

  • Fresh Cut Watermelon- .75 ( may not be available September through April)


Warm Side Dishes

  • Baked Beans  - $1.50 (Vegetarian available upon request)

  • Fresh Baked Cornbread - Mini Cornbread loaves. $1.25

  • Corn on the Cob (1/2 ear and butter) - $1.50

  • Sauteed Vegetables - Fresh seasonal vegetables sauteed in garlic and olive oil, $2.25

  • Stir Fried Vegetable - Fresh Asian style veggies with a teriyaki~ soy sauce, $2.50

  • Garlic Rice - Basmati Rice with LOTS of fresh garlic, $1.75

  • Island Rice - Basmati Rice with diced ham, peas, and pineapple. $2.75

  • Pancit Bihon - A traditional FIlipino rice noodle dish with pork, Asian vegetables, and Chinese sausage. This can be made vegetarian style. $4.50

  • Aloha Chicken - Sliced chicken breast stir fried with teriyaki and pineapple. $6 (side portion)  $12 ( full portion)

  • BBQ Chicken Breast - $6 (side portion)  $12 ( full portion)

  • Pulled BBQ Jackfruit - Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly $4


If you would like to add plates, cutlery and napkins we can do so for $1.50 per person.

Contact us to see if your date is available and to get an accurate quote!
Please note that we do our best to respond within 24 to 48 hours.
Occasionally our responses get sent to an individual's Spam Folder. If you
think you haven't heard from us please check there. Thanks!

We understand that each function that we cater is unique. If there are side dishes that you would like to add for a
specific theme please inquire. We will do everything possible to meet your needs!

All prices are subject to a 8% Maine prepared food tax and 20% gratuity.

A $500 (or 25% for 100 ppl or more.) deposit is required to hold all dates. 50% of the remaining bill is required 2
weeks before the date of the function.

Prices include one pit master and, when necessary, an assistant.  
Any additional serving staff required is $30/hr per staff member with a 4 hour minimum and travel time to and from the venue.

The Pig Kahuna reserves the right to change the price of the pig dependent upon the ever changing meat market.  
Keep in mind though that this would only happen if there were an  
extreme fluctuation in our cost.

Please notify us of ANY food allergies when booking!

8. Do you just do pig roasts?
There's nothing within reason that we cannot do! If you have any special requests please feel free to contact us.
We also have an extensive Hors  D'oeuvres menu. Please inquire for a list.
Also, check out our Paella Party Page!

9. Are you insured?
Absolutely! We carry full liability insurance.

10. Do you do tastings?
Sorry, but most of the events we cater are exclusive and private events. Have peace of mind however, that we have
an extensive list of references and repeat clients who would be happy to share their experience with you!
Our Facebook page is also a great resource for clients pictures and comments!

11. Why isn't your roaster covered?
The pig is the star of the show that everyone should enjoy viewing!  
You wouldn't make Elvis sing in a crate would you?
MANY of our competitors use covered rigs. What fun is that???
This direct open air environment gives you the most bang for your buck as the skin comes out nice and crispy.

12. Do you accommodate food allergies?
With advanced notice we will do our best to accommodate.
Of note, Chef Dave does live with Celiac Disease so is well versed in the preparation and handling of gluten free food.


Chef Dave Mallari Pig Roast
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