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Chef Dave Mallari
Chef Dave Mallari Roasting Pig

David Mallari, Chef/Owner

Chef Dave Mallari began his culinary adventures as a boy in his parent’s busy kitchen.  The Asian cuisine he studied and
created during his early years taught him the distinct difference made by using only the freshest, most flavor-filled and
seasonal ingredients.  Building upon his Asian-centered dishes and technique, the self-taught chef further grew his culinary
portfolio by including classic fare and technique from numerous other countries a
s well.
Chef Dave also leads his culinary team at his popular brunch and Filipino dinner restaurant The Sinful Kitchen.

Knowing that it's better to give than receive he routinely participates in New England and Maine-based charity and community
outreach projects. He also participates in various vocational career days at local Maine schools.
Chef Dave also has Celiac Disease and is VERY well versed in the preparation of gluten free options for you and/or your

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